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Change leadership client partnerships implemented with passion and joy!

Dazzle has implemented hundreds of change leadership and renewal partnerships and projects for companies and organizations. We are an innovative, reliable, and competent change leadership partner.

Every company, organization, and community has unique needs. That’s why we create the best and most unique solutions together with each of our clients.

Our clients

Innovation and service design

Strategy creation

The management team’s key note and idea workshop about metaverse and AI

Strategy creation with the board of directors and various stakeholders using participatory methods.

Strategy creation with employees by using participatory methods.

Strategy implementation using the dialogue method. Strengthening the participatory operating culture and supporting daily management with various

Strengthening a unified Sweco operating culture with the dialogue method and coaching of management teams.


Implementation of a new process and ways of working with the dialogue method.

Strengthening the customer-oriented sales culture of the entire staff using the dialogue method.

Strategic product innovation and conceptualization and development of innovation ability.

Strategy implementation to the entire staff with the use of the dialogue game.

LATU (productivity with the quality of working life) project: creation and implementation of the personnel-oriented ‘Permit to do differently’ development model in 5 municipal organizations.

Supporting the introduction of a new customer service system and process using the dialogue method. In addition, renewing operating methods and cooperation between different functions.

Developing cooperation between different functions and strengthening the WE CARE operating culture using the dialogue method

Co-designing and production of the leading by coaching workbook and tools

Creating a strategy with the participation of personnel and stakeholders

Facilitation of the virtual leadership training program

Facilitation of strategy work and co-designing the live strategy process and simulating it

The development of student-oriented teaching in Hyria with the dialogue method

The development of student-oriented teaching in Omnia with the dialogue method

The development of student-oriented teaching in Varia with the dialogue method

The future way to work in new offices – board game

Strengthening a unified operating culture in an integration situation using the dialogue method

Strategy implementation with the dialogue method

Strategy implementation with the dialogue method

The future of work and the performance management dialogue game

Strengthening a self-directed work culture with the use of dialogue method and process

Training program for new leaders

Aalto IT’s strategy and strategy process implementation using the dialogue method

Strengthening customer orientation throughout the organization

Enabling Ramirent’s management principles dialogically