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See. Do. Live. Better futures. Together!

See. Do. Live. Better futures. Together!

Dazzle’s innovative future services help you and your company foresee alternative futures, take advantage of the opportunities of a changing world, and create a new future direction and a living strategy for your company. We can also help your company effectively implement a new or updated strategy – with more than 20 years of experience! See examples of our client work on our Clients page.

In addition, we offer technology and future-related presentations and idea workshops, as well as training in foresighting and strategy tools and methods. These services help you deepen your understanding of futures, technologies, and trends and learn new methods and tools.

Dazzle’s Future work services:

  • Artificial intelligence and Metaverse keynote presentation. (30-90 min.) Order this popular talk on artificial intelligence and the Metaverse for your board, management team, team or entire organization 
  • Technologies and futures presentation and idea workshop. (2-4h) Order this popular service for your board, management team, team, or entire organization. Make it part of your strategy, innovation, or renewal work. 
  • Facilitation of foresighting and strategy processes. Anticipate and prepare for alternative futures. Create a new direction, purpose, and strategy for your company or organization.
  • Successful implementation of the strategy. Take your strategy effectively into everyday life and practice, involving the entire company and personnel.
  • Training in Future work methods and tools. Learn the latest methods and tools for foresight, strategy, and innovation work.
  • #Strackathon. Create a new strategy for your company in 24-72 hours. Gather the best visionaries and doers from your ecosystem into teams that create multiple alternative strategies for your business.

Principles and approaches of Dazzle’s Future work:

  • We include everybody! In addition to the board and management, it is worth including personnel, partners, customers, and stakeholders in the strategy work when possible. This way, the strategy becomes of higher quality and can be implemented better.
  • We utilize dialogue. The best strategies are made and implemented to practice in a continuous dialogue involving the entire organization.
  • We expand and challenge thinking. At the core of forecasting and strategy work is our thinking, which should also be challenged and expanded with the use of different scenarios, future visions, and thought games.
  • We combine knowledge, intuition, and creativity. The best strategies are born from combinations of knowledge, facts, intuition, creativity, and imagination.
  • Experience and simulation. We don’t just think about different futures; we also try to experience them in different ways.  
  • We believe in inspiration and fun. The best strategy is born when Future work is exciting and fun.

In Future work, we use various impressive and effective methods and future tools, such as our dialogical methods, simulations, time travel, gamification, canvases, etc.

Contact us; together, we will create better futures for your company or organization!

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