Future Joy

See. Do. Live. Better Futures!

What is Future Joy?

Future Joy is the ability of companies, communities, and individuals to see, do, and live better futures. Future Joy also strengthens resilience and intelligent preparation for the worst futures.

Why is Future Joy needed?

Amid increasing crises, threats, uncertainties, and gloomy images of the future, the world, and specifically people, need Future Joy more than ever. If we cannot see better futures, we will not be able to build them.

Benefits of Future Joy

With the help of Future Joy, we can direct the energies of people and organizations towards opportunities, active agency, innovation, and intelligent cooperation to build better futures for customers, stakeholders, personnel, the company, and owners, as well as society and the environment. The goal is a prosperous planet, people, companies, and society.

For whom?

For companies, communities, and individuals who genuinely want to renew and grow, see and make better futures.


We offer companies and communities information, skills, tools, operating models, and support for building better futures. Future Joy is built together through continuous dialogue with the entire team, company, organization, or ecosystem. Our Future Joy services include foresight, strategy, and innovation work, and dialogical change management.

”The joy of the future lies in the endless possibilities it holds, waiting to be explored and discovered by those who are brave enough to embrace it.“ by OpenAI ChatGPT

Eleven principles of future joy!


Future Joy is made together. Dialogically.

Each of us is an active participant and can influence the future! Seeing and creating better futures takes place in a dynamic dialogue with different people, customers, and ecosystems.


Prepare for worse futures

It is important to also prepare for worse futures and strengthen the resilience of individuals, communities, companies, and societies.


See, do, and live better futures

Better futures must first be seen to make and live them. Think further, broader, and systemically. Take advantage of foresight and create alternative futures and scenarios. Take advantage of a systemic understanding of the future, sustainability, customers, stakeholders, and competition. Envision better futures. Create a living strategy.


Create innovative value and growth

Strengthen sustainability, create renewing value, and increase net effectiveness. Create greater value for individuals, communities, companies, society, and the environment. Take advantage of new opportunities and means of value creation, new operating models and ecosystems, and platform economy.


Clarify the purpose of existence

Clarify your company’s, your community’s, and your own purpose of existence. Focus on human and global orientation. Create a joint story of Future Joy.


Improve the current. Create new. Reinvent yourself.

Improve what works well today and give up what doesn’t lead to better futures. Create new products, services, experiences, and business models simultaneously. If necessary, reinvent yourself and your business.


Harness the best potential of people, technologies, the Metaverse, and artificial intelligence (#joint intelligence)

Harness the best potential of passionate people and emerging technologies such as AI, the Metaverse, and data. Take advantage of #joint intelligence, i.e., individual, community, machine intelligence and new operating models.


Create a community-driven, learning, and renewing operating culture as well as an excellent employee (EX) and customer experience (CX)

Engage personnel, customers, and stakeholders in an active and continuous future dialogue. Take everyone on a joint journey of learning and renewal. Strengthen self-directed teamwork, excellent employee and customer experience, community spirit and psychological safety.


Ignite the heart and soul and activate the mind and hands

Ignite the heart and soul with a meaningful purpose for existence, an inspiring vision, and a vision of better futures. Activate your mind and hands with inspiring goals, self- and team-directed work, and concrete dialogical tools and processes. Direct energy towards possibilities, activities, and trying new things.


Broaden your thinking and take advantage of the mindset of Future Joy, growth, and effectiveness

Everything starts with thinking. Open up and challenge your own and others’ thinking. Build a mindset of Future Joy, growth, and impact.


Owners, board, and management (OBM) as architects of Future Joy and innovative value creation

Competent and innovative value-creating owners, boards of directors, and management teams are key to building Future Joy. The owners’ clear will and ownership strategy create a framework for the entire company’s purpose, vision, and strategy. OBM’s smooth cooperation and continuous future dialogue accelerate renewal and value creation.

Contact us, and together, we will build better futures for your company and customers.