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Dazzle’s unique expertise is inspiring and effective dialogical change leadership and renewal processes and tools that bring about systemic change in the work culture and the entire organization.

“Dialogue tools have been praised in our organization since the beginning of the development program. They work well to advance our goal.”
Tanja Hiilinen-Häsä, the project manager responsible for renewing Keusote’s operating culture

Dazzle’s expertise in participatory forecasting and strategy work is not just about building the strategic capability of the entire organization. It’s about strengthening the organization’s resilience and the personnel’s ability to act in changing and renewing conditions, leading to tangible improvements.

Dialogue working has been very popular, and the strategy literacy of the entire staff has clearly improved.”
Nina Perttula, HR Manager, Kuusakoski Oy

Take advantage of the superpowers of Metaversum, artificial intelligence and #joint intelligence!

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