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Take advantage of the superpowers of Metaversum, artificial intelligence, and #joint intelligence!

Order a ‘Metaverse and artificial intelligence’ presentation or idea workshop for your company, organization, management group, or team.

The metaverse is a giant breakthrough that can potentially be even bigger than the internet and previous waves of digitalization!

Order a ‘Metaverse and artificial intelligence’ presentation or idea workshop!

Order a Keynote presentation: duration 30-90 min. Price €1800 + VAT.

Content and themes of the presentation (these are examples to be tailored to the customer)

  • What is Metaverse, web3 and artificial intelligence? Why should companies, management, board members, and teams be interested in them?
  • How can Metaverse and artificial intelligence affect companies and people’s lives, work, and business?
  • What new strategy, business, and innovation opportunities can Metaverse and artificial intelligence open up?
  • The futures of the Metaverse and artificial intelligence – towards worse or better futures?
  • Practical examples of using Metaverse (consumer, business, industrial, and public sectors).
  • How can Metaverse and artificial intelligence help companies improve current operations, create new ones, or even reinvent themselves?
  • Tips for owners, boards, and management (OHJ), and renewers.
  • How do you start your own and your company’s metaverse and artificial intelligence research journey and experiments?

Order keynote + idea workshop: Total duration 2-3 hours (presentation 30-90 min. + idea workshop 90-120 min). Price €2,800 + VAT.

In the idea workshop, participants deepen what they have learned by creating new ideas and solutions that utilize Metaverse and artificial intelligence for their company or organization. The objectives and content of the workshop are tailored together with the customer.

Why should you prepare for the metaverse transition? 21 points.


Market is growing fast

The metaverse market is estimated to grow rapidly, up to  1 – 13  trillion dollars by 2030.


It’s spreading everywhere

The metaverse can spread throughout people’s lives and the activities of companies and societies.


It brings it all together

The metaverse can bring together and “fuse” everything physical, digital, and virtual in new ways.


It improves current business operations

The Metaverse can make it possible to enhance and improve existing business operations.


It brings new business and enables reinventing 

The Metaverse can enable new and more sustainable products, services, business models, experiences, and working methods. The Metaverse can also enable companies to reinvent themselves.


It can bring superpowers

The Metaverse can give companies and employees “superpowers.” 


It is a part of many companies strategy 

Many big companies and brands have adopted the Metaverse as part of their strategy.


Competence and organization

Many companies acquire and build Metaverse capabilities and reorganize to utilize the opportunities of the Metaverse better.


Advances in technologies

The technologies and services related to the Metaverse are developing rapidly, becoming democratized and cheaper.


The rest of the world is ahead

In the rest of the world, Metaverse issues are already progressing rapidly (USA, China, South Korea, and Dubai).



All companies will become Metaverse companies.


New growth companies and Unicorns*

In the 2020s, the Metaverse will give birth to new billion-dollar companies.


New user interface

The Metaverse can become a new, easier, and more natural interface to technology, companies, people, and the world.


Interoperability and standards

The Metaverse Standards Forum and the Open Metaverse Alliance OMA3 promote standards and interoperability.


Virtual self and avatar

People’s digital and virtual lives, selves, avatars, and identities are becoming as important or even more important than their physical, real-world selves and lives.


Evolution and three-dimensionality

As humans, through evolution, we have learned to think, act, and work in an immersive three-dimensional environment.


New generations

New generations, such as Generation Z, are diginative, and the following generations will be metaversenative. They are used to virtual and game worlds, avatars, and metaverse-like experiences.


Metaverse usage time increases

Time spent in the Metaverse increases.



Web3, i.e., the so-called distributed web, and its possible linking to the metaverse can intensify the metaverse breakthrough and development. 


Influencing the future of the metaverse

By learning, understanding, and being involved in developing the metaverse, you can better influence its future.


Sustainability and better futures

With its innovation and value creation potential, the metaverse can be a massive opportunity for companies and societies to see and build better and more sustainable futures.

* Unicorn = a privately held company worth over a billion growing explosively.