Future joy!
See. Do. Live. Better Futures!

We build future joy by facilitating companies and organizations to see, do, and live better futures.

We do it through dialogical renewal, strategy work, and effective change management, with over 25 years of know-how and cooperation with more than 300 customer organizations.

Get to know our unique service offering and our client examples.

Nyrkit yhdessä

Future joy. See.Do.Live. Better futures. Together.

In the midst of multiple crises, threats, uncertainties and gloomy future prospects, it is important for companies, communities and individuals to prepare for the worst futures and increase resilience. At the same time, we need – more than ever – the joy of the future, i.e. the ability to see, do and live better futures.

Dazzle is the builder of future joy and your partner in change management.

Future joy is made together. Dialogically. Each of us is an active participant and can influence the future.

Heard from our clients

Dazzle’s dialogue platforms support the consistency of the work done in teams at Keuda. In my opinion, dialogue is the only way to develop the organization’s competence in a participatory way. The visual and diverse tasks of dialogue platforms support multi-channel learning.
Arja Koli, director of education, vice-rector Keuda
The importance of each employee to the customer experience is now better understood. We also liked the dialogue method.
Kati Guttormsen-Rajala Project Manager
Dialogue workshops are perceived as exceeding expectations and the good feeling created in them fuels enthusiasm for joint development and experimentation work.
Manager, Helsinki Sotepe
This is a great tool – if used correctly, you get a lot more out of it than a slide show.
Manager at HOK-Elanto
Dialogue method was well liked, and many teams have wanted to repeat the platform exercise . They also created a basis from which we were able to continue various development measures. The entire staff’s strategy literacy has clearly improved.
Nina Perttula, HR Manager Kuusakoski Oy
Good preparation, clear information, and good dialogue exercises. The small group dialogue brought us in contact with colleagues we would never have met regularly in day-to-day work. This is a perfect example of ‘One Glaston’ ideals. If we are all one Glaston, we must work together and cooperate.
A group of Glaston managers