win-win-win success factors

1. win-win-win means that individual – organization – society and environment are in a positive interaction and they create a sustainable success for each other. win-win-win organization functions intelligently as a part of a larger system, gathering the best talents, partners, clients and investors, thus also making excellent economic result.



2. win-win-win organization extends and expands it’s view from win-win to win-win-win

  • win-win-win is a way to see new possibilities
    • in strategy
    • in new business areas, innovations
    • how products/services are planned, produced, sold, branded etc.
    • corporate social responsibility as a competitive edge
  • it’s also about minimizing risks (environmental etc.)

3. Leadership

  • future demands a lot from leaders, managers and leadership
  • visionary and engaging
  • holistic view of a person
    • including feelings
    • whole potential
  • participative and coaching style of leadership
  • away from command and control world
  • self-leadership
  • leadership innovations are needed

4. Co-operation

  • diversity
    • needed for innovations and creative problem solving
  • super-productivity skills (J.T Bergqvist)
    • organization as the system of people
      • 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 = 0.8 = 0.3 unit of mental energy  vs. 1.2 = 2.5 of mental energy
  • systems intelligence (Raimo P. Hämäläinen ja Esa Saarinen)
    • from ”I think therefore I am” to ”we think therefore I am”

5. Individuality

  • seeing people as individuals with different possibilities and needs
  • how to get best out of them
  • how to reward them
  • people want to express themselves
  • who they really are
  • job a is way to self-realization
  • meaning of work
  • individualistic values vs. organizational values

6. Sense of community

  • powerful force
  • gets new forms with technology and internet
  • virtual sense of community
  • is a chance for organizations
    • innovations, communications, brand
    • wikinomics etc
  • or a threat
    • sense of community combined with internet and other communications technology can bring even the largest companies on their knees

7. Brand

  • brand is everything organization is, does and how it does it
  • brand cannot be ”glued on” afterwards
  • authenticity will make the difference
  • organizations will have to be more open and transparent
  • you can do only what is ”right”
  • win-win-win organizations are in a great position to create strong brands
  • brand will be one of the most important success factors

8. Customer

  • the distinction between company and it’s customers is fading
  • customer can be your innovator, fan, seller, investor etc
  • you have to get ”under the skin” of your customer
  • you have to understand customer’s customer
  • their needs, their future, their ambitions, their everyday life