Why renewal?

The world is changing incredibly fast and the business environment is becoming more and more complex. To meet the challenges and see and capture the new opportunities companies and organizations need to re-invent themselves, create new ways of working,  continuosly innovate and bravely lead and create value.

Why transformative 360 value creation?

The most successful companies and organizations will be those based on transformative 360 value creation.  A transformative 360 value creation organization functions innovatively as a part of a greater system and gathers the best talents, partners, customers and investors, thus making excellent financial profit.

  • At the core of a business is value creation.
  • Some businesses create more sustainable value for customers, stakeholders, owners, society and environment,
  • Most innovative businesses are creating transformative 360 value

To create transformative 360 value, you need:

  1. Deep understanding and insights of alternative futures, sustainablity, customers, stakeholders and disruptions.
  2. Clear and inspiring company #purpose, living strategy, passionate people, #cointelligent organization and culture, intelligent technoly and data.
  3. Transformative 360 innovation for creating new business models, product and services.
  4. New mindset, learning and collaboration for owners, board and executive team, transforming their role into transformative 360 value creation architects.


Dazzle Oy is codesigning Transformative 360 value creation’ – model and tools! Combine customer, stakeholder, world and owner needs and codesign company purpose, new business models, new technology, passionate people, company culture and adaptive organization into transformative 360 value creation system. Contact us for more information!