Our services in renewal and growth!


We accelerate renewal and growth! 

Dazzle is your most effective partner in renewal and growth. We have worked with over 200 organizations and in our renewal programs, trainings and facilitations has participated tens of thousands of leaders, managers, specialists and developers. Our longest renewal and growth partnership has been with Konecranes and has lasted over 15 years! See more information about our clients!

Together with our clients we create novel solutions and next practices in agile strategy and strategy implementation, new business creation, innovation, leadership, organizational culture and ways of working.

Strategy and new business creation

Fast changing and complex business environment and digital world requires continuous strategic foresight, agile strategy, customer focus and business renewal. With our effective and innovative services and tools you are able to see and capture the new business opportunities, create a successful strategy and implement it effectively and design new services, business concepts business models.

Agile and crowdsourced strategy – involve employees, customers and other stakeholders into the strategic dialogue and strategy work and create agile strategy for your organization.
Strategy design and effective implementation – how to design a winning strategy and implement it by bringing it truly into everyone’s everyday work.
Build your organization’s foresight capability – create and implement agile foresight system  and culture for your organization.
Future Snapshot (TM) – energizing future exploration and ideation workshop! Very popular – over 150 Future Snapshots facilitated for our clients!
Innovate and design new services, business concepts and business models – combine foresight, scenarios, concept design and fast prototyping to quickly see and capture new business opportunities.
Customer experience and strategic service design – find future customer needs and design a truly magical customer and service experiences.

Inspiring and empowering leadership

The leadership culture, competences and skills define your organizations success. Create an inspiring, empowering and customer focused leadership culture, where every employee is a leader.

Executive team development – build an inspired, future-fit and winning executive team!
Leadership skills, competences and culture – identify and develop the competencies of your leaders and managers and create a empowering and inspiring leadership culture.
Leadership coaching – create a coaching culture in your organization.
Self-leadership – empower your leaders and employees.
Leading virtual organizations and teams – how to lead a virtual and distributed teams and organization effectively.

Customer centric organization and culture

Future-fit your organization and culture! Create customer focused organization and culture, where every employee is excited about your organization’s vision, mission, values and is passionately creating new value for the customer. Find new ways of working and getting organized that will increase productivity, creativity, energy and passion. Create a magical employee experience!

Customer centric organization and culture – create truly customer focused organization and culture in which every employee is creating value for the customer.
New organizational models and ways of working – renew your organizational model  and ways of working to achieve agility, productivity, engagement, innovativeness and customer focus.
Employee experience – design a truly magnificent employee experience, that in turn will create a truly magical customer experience.

Other services:

Team building and superteams – build an agile and winning team and accelerate teams productivity.
Coaching skills – increase productivity, creativity and responsibility by training coaching skills for team leaders and members.
Facilitation services:
– Facilitation skills -training – skills for facilitating effective meetings and workshops.
– Bring in our experienced facilitators for innovation, strategy, foresight and innovation workshops and events

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