Our services in renewal and transformative 360 value creation!


We accelerate renewal and transformative 360 value creation

Dazzle is your most effective partner in renewal and transformative  360 value creation. We have worked with over 300 organizations and in our renewal parthnerships, programs, trainings and facilitations has participated tens of thousands of leaders, managers, specialists and developers. Our longest renewal and growth partnership has been with Konecranes and has lasted over 15 years! See more information about our clients! Nuolet

Together with our clients we create next practices in continuous foresight, living strategy and strategy implementation, transformative 360 innovation and new business creation, leadership and #cointelligent & learning organization and culture.

Continuous foresight, living strategy and transformative business

  • ‘Transformative 360 value creation’ – model and tools! Combine customer, stakeholder, world and owner needs and codesign company purpose, new business models, new technology, passionate people, company culture and adaptive organization into transformative 360 value creation system.
  • Living and crowdsourced strategy – involve employees, customers and other stakeholders into the strategic dialogue and strategy work and create living strategy for your organization.
    • Future Snapshot – energizing future exploration and ideation workshop! Over 150 Future Snapshots facilitated for our clients! 
  • Transformative 360 innovation! Innovate and design new services, business concepts and business models – combine foresight, scenarios, concept design and fast prototyping to quickly see and capture new business opportunities.
  • New!
    • #Strackathon – cocreate new strategy in 24-48 hours! Get best people to work on your strategy from outside and inside your organization! See case HSL!
    • #Nanostrategy -miniworkshops (2 to 3 hours)! With your board or executive team, understand, what AI, robotics, IoT, VR and MR, quantum technology an other intelligent technologies  are and what new business models and opportunities they open. Ask for more information!
    • Strategy Escape Room! Make strategy work fun again :). Ask for more information!

Empowering leadership and board work!

  • 2020’s board work! Transformative 360 value creating board!
  • Leadership culture and coaching leadership!
  • Lead virtual and distributed organization and work!

#Cointelligent organization and culture!

  • Create #cointelligent, adaptive, learning and customer driven organization and culture!
  • Design employee experience! Support strategy and create a better customer experience.
  • Specifique dialogue tools, simulations and business games! Ask for more infomation!

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