Sirkka-Helena Auvinen
Sirkka-Helena AuvinenCoaching Director, trainer, partner

Transformative 360 value creation, training, organization development, leadership skills, management team development, Leadership and Business Coaching,  customer relations and marketing.

  • Master of Education, Counseling and Development, George Mason University
  • Bachelor of Science, Sociology and Behavioral Science, University of Maryland
  • Certified MBTI Consultant
  • Leadership Coach

p. +358 (0)50 381 8650

Heli Vähätiitto
Heli VähätiittoManaging Director, facilitator, partner

Transformative 360 value creation, living strategy, organization development, training, leadership skills, management team development, Leadership and Business Coaching, strategic HR-consulting.

  • Master of Science (Econ.), Helsinki University for Economics and Business Administration
  • ACC (ICF) Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Trainer, Georgetown University
  • Certified Organization Development Consultant, Georgetown University
  • Certified MBTI Consultant

p. +358 50 341 2901

Vesa Auvinen
Vesa AuvinenChief imagination and impact officer, strategist, partner, Chair of the Board

Transformative 360 value creation, foresight, living strategy, leadership, creativity and innovation, business models, digitalization, AI and robotics.

  • Certified Foresight Professional, CFP
  • Innovation Management Officer, IMO
  • Certified Board Member, HHJ
  • Chairman of the Board, Dazzle Ltd
  • Member Strategic Management Society of Finland, SSJS
  • Member of Boardman Grow and LJT

+358 50 368 4642

Kaisa Tenhola
Kaisa TenholaTraining Coordinator, Financial Director, partner

Transformative 360 value creation, CFO, Visual and User Experience Co-Designer, Training coordinator, cultural knowledge

  • BBA International Business, HAMK University of Applied Science

+358 45 677 9884



Specifique – unique learning

Specifique creates unique learning & training programmes that deliver results. They develop the Dialogue Mat to meet almost any training requirement, whether it be strategy implementation, leadership development, HSE, CSR or much more.

Our partner in co-creating and facilitating work in municipalities (NASTAkunta -concept) is Leena Nousiainen / Rondo Training Oy

Our partner in mentoring is Maritta Österberg / Mentoritas Oy

Our partner in work supervision is Maaret Wager / A Wager Oy