Accelerate Renewal with Dialogue Platforms, Business Games and Simulations

Experiential and engaging learning methods – such as dialogue methods, business games and simulations – are one of the most effective and scalable ways to accelerate renewal in organization, culture and in the ways of working. They are effective tools for example in:

  • implementing strategy
  • implementing new processes, tools and ways of working
  • implementing organizational values
  • HSE – health, safety and environmental – training
  • brand knowledge and communication
  • new product or service launch

To create true impact and renewal, Dazzle offers the following engaging, agile and scalable solutions:

1. Dialogue Platform

As a result of over 20 years of development an unique and effective learning tool Specifique Dialogue Platform (Mat) was born.

A dialogue platform is a printed, physical platform, which contains different questions, exercises and discussions in order to help participants to internalize the selected theme. Dialogue platforms are carefully co-designed with our clients so that they meet the real needs of the client organization in the best possible way.

Dialogue platform always aims for insights, motivation and action and that’s why Dialogue workshops always end with a concrete action plans.

Dialogue platforms are used in workshops where participants work with them in groups of 4 people. In a workshop, there can be from 1 to 100 groups working with the platforms at the same time. Workshops are typically ½-1 day in length. Dialogue platform workshops are typically led by organization’s own facilitators trained by Dazzle, but Dazzle facilitators are also available if needed.

You can use Dialoque Mat in strategy creation and execution, in renewing leadership and company culture, in HSE, in product launch aso – in an engaging and insightful way.

Dazzle Oy is Specifique’s certified partner in Finland.

Specifique Dialoque Mat:

  • speeds up change and renewal processes
  • is always tailored to your organization’s needs
  • is cost-effective
  • is interactive, engaging and energizing
  • motivating and insighting
  • has also an iPad version

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2. Business Games

Dazzling Business Games are an engaging, scalable, cost-effective and a fun way to support organizational change and renewal.

Dazzle Business Games are usually designed as Board Games, which create true dialogue between participants. Participants are engaged in solving different situations related to the selected theme and they give feedback and spar each other in order to find the best solutions.

The games can be tailored for many different themes, e.g. strategy implementation, leadership, new way of working, cooperation, project management, work wellbeing and new office space. The visual design of the game materials is created according to organization’s own brand image, so it enhances the brand identity at the same time.

Games are easily facilitated and usually organization’s internal facilitators lead the game sessions, which can be part of any corporate event. The game session usually takes about 1 ½ hours – 1 hour for the game and ½ hour for wrapping up the learning points from the game.

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3. Simulations

Dazzle Simulations are a fun, dynamic and effective way to create new insights and motivation.  Simulating different challenging situations and scenarios, they are an innovative and safe way to explore, for example, new ways of working or testing different solutions or approaches to a situation or a problem.

Simulations are effective in demonstrating different and many times hidden phenomenons which take place in organizations and in certain situations. Simulations effectively bring out the strengths and development areas. Sometimes it is challenging, for example, to develop communication, if we cannot identify what the exact problem areas are. With simulations you can explore different problems and different ideas, approaches and solutions to problems in a fun, safe and an engaging way.

Simulations are customized to simulate the organization’s reality as closely as possible. In simulations participants usually play a certain role and it is recommended to take a role, which is as distant from your daily work (e.g. a manager takes an employee’s role) as possible. Looking the situation from some else’s point of view, helps participants to understand the bigger picture and to come up with more comprehensive solutions.

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